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Oculus Rift CV1 No image orange led.

I wanted to play some games today, haven't used my rift in some time because of the temperature.

I plugged my rift and sensors in, put new batteries in the controllers and there the problem starts:

According to the software everything is working as intended and even the games track the headset without problems on my screen. But I can't seem to get any image on my rift. I tried to restart my pc, update all my drivers and even swapped out the Rift's cable.
Nothing seems to be working. I had no technical problems with my rift before.

I've read about this many times but the fixes some people recommend don't seem to work for me.

I dont know what to do.

Intel i5-6600k
GTX 970


  • GierkiVRGierkiVR Posts: 2

    I have same problem but even Oculus Support didn't help me with that yet. If you want I can tell you what they suggest me with our problem. Did you resolve this problem maybe? I really be thankfull if you will answer me.
  • GierkiVRGierkiVR Posts: 2
    I resolved my problem - I changed my username account in Windows - this is very long way but my headset already work. Problem is when you have no english letters in your username account. If you have all english letters I havent't solution. When you need help you can send me private message on forum.
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