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Robo Recall unplugged crashing

FrostyNuggetFrostyNugget Posts: 3
I need help as I’ve been playing robo recall unplugged along with other games and they keep crashing. The main offender is robo recall which is crashing every hour or so. However, it doesn’t say that it has crashed it just goes to the oculus home screen mid gameplay. I don’t know wether I should return my quest as I have been having problems with tracking the controllers and the headset along with audio problems and I don’t know if these and the crashing are related. If somebody could offer some advice as to if I should return it or any other solutions to my problems it would be much appreciated


  • Pyro_G1owPyro_G1ow Posts: 1
    i have the same problem but every 3-5 minutes of game play and the whole thing freezes up and a have too restart the whole thing or wait until the app crashes without my crash report
  • LeoTelesLeoTeles Posts: 1
    I’m having a similar issue but that every 10 seconds it will have a black screen with 3 loading dots and will crash around every minute. Idk if it’s a problem with my quest or the game though 
  • FrostyNuggetFrostyNugget Posts: 3
    I ended up returning mine and getting a rift s
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