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Oculus Go Some Meaningful Must haves

DilipDilip Posts: 256
Nexus 6
After ownership of Oculus Go for almost 15 Days following features i think are Must have and i want them on priority as customer. 

1) Power Off Software Switch/Icon on Tool-bar 

Reason: it breaks immersion for need to fumble on top of unit then press switch for few seconds to bring that Turnoff option menu, why can't shut down button/icon be permently allocated on TOOLBAR just like same exist in Windows ... A software switch to Shut down ... Its must have and no brainier, oculus must implement soon as possible. 

2) Storage of Oculus Homes Mono Sphere (360) wallpapers on hardware and not at server

Reason: Mostly its hard to keep oculus wifi connected every time when user is out with GO, being truly stand alone device and since wallpapers are already made and environment change being offered in library sub menu, why on earth these wallpapers are kept on server side, they can be stored under pictures folder within android OS, Andorid OS has wallpaper sub directory too, why not put all wallpapers once download forever available on device?

3) Stereo 3D Oculus Home
Reason : It feels oddly bad for no stereo depth oculus home no matter which ever environment is chosen the flatness of shere and lack of true stereo depth hurts, oculus must find way to provide proper stereo 3D home 

4) Way to shutdown Controller. 

Reason: Always on Controller do not have any hardware button to shut down it to save battery while not in use, i think controller wakes up when Go powered on and Sleeps when go power off still it always consumes some ammount of battery, why not provide way to totally shut down controller and save the useless power each AAA battery thrown after use is Eco Hazard. 

I will further include the things more i live with this hardware. 

Oculus please start shipping all headsets with MAGNETIC USB CABLE Default in box, as Remove attach power cable again and again will render port ware off faster. I have many wonderful mobiles lying around which has USB port changed 2/3 times and every time mobile opens for change i feel like some small parts will not put in to place by bloody mechanic *(all of them do it, most of them if not all), in case of GO i can't give it any one to open it, I am living seven seas across USA so sending it to Manufacture is really not an option hence i have purchased magnetic cable as first accessory, but why don't maker include it right way.  


  • DilipDilip Posts: 256
    Nexus 6
    Spending little more time made me want few more thing from go 

    5) Available storage space should not be buried deep within the menu instead it should be available directly as part of other options on toolbar, i could locate it in all options of android but that is fairly deep. 

    6) Reducing screen brightness does improve good amount of battery time most app icons mostly don't load instantly when not connected with WIFI, instead black rectangles with name appears, its defect. what app icons has to do with Wifi connection. 

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