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Everytime i turn my head too fast i lose tracking Posts: 4

I can't really play shooters and Fast games correctly, if i turn my head too quickly i loose the tracking boudary for a second and im back on the pause menu.
I can't even read the error message, it resolve itself in a second, but i geep getting it over and over again.

Is this a normal behavior ? 
Is this because of something in the room ? bright windows ? things too close from player?
anyone already experience something like that ? 


  • earthberthearthberth Posts: 19
    It happens to me quite often in Shadow Point where I don't have to move so fast. And I think the lights in my room are quite normal.
  • Posts: 4
    edited July 2019
    i don't even understand why it need to track the boundary for turning. The quest don't rely on itself like smartphone for turning ? really ? 
  • Posts: 4
    no i can't even play super hot, im going to do a return. 
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  • SirMarshallSirMarshall Posts: 11
    It happened to me once. Try one of this solutions:
    -Ambient light: move in another room for example. 
    -check the batteries in your controllers: Extract the batteries from controllers and re-insert them.... or replace the batteries with new ones. 

    I don't remember what I did but it worked for me. 

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