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Feature requests for the Oculus Home Software on the Quest


1.) Please add the option to create a 'favorite'-tab within the navigation area of the #Oculus 'home' software on the Quest (next to updates, not installed etc.)! It would help immense with the rapidly growing catalogue of software installed on my #Quest.

2.) Please make it possible to change the default view of the installed apps! I really would like to have my apps ordered from A to Z on default - not by latest.

3.) Please display (or make it possible to display) the time I've spend within the different apps on the #Quest! I really like this feature on #Steam and miss it badly within the #Oculus 'home' software. If I spread the word about a game, the time I playes it is pretty important and I don't want to run a timer everytime I'm playing.

Those features shouldn't be to complicated to archive, but they would improve the usage of the home software imense.

That beeing said; I really like the Quest, great work guys.
Thanks in advance.


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