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[ BUG ] User authentication -- Safari browser

ctankepctankep Posts: 26
Brain Burst
edited April 2014 in Oculus Share

There's a bug with Oculus Share that's been ongoing
for a few months now. Using Safari on OSX 10.6.8 I'll
enter credentials but get re -directed back to the login
page each time there's a check for authentication.

Steps to reproduce:

[ 1. ] Open Oculus share in Safari.

[ 2. ] Click on any demo page.
Then click on download button.

[ 3. ] Authentication check.
User presented with login.
Returned to demo page.

[ 4. ] Click on download button.
User returned to login page.
Ad nauseum.

Works fine on other browsers --
Might be a cache issue? Though I can subsequently
open a forum link, which shows I am indeed logged
in as myself. Minor bug, but could be fixed to help
user experience.


Also as general feedback from a user perspective.
The demo details page, and the "Oculus Share" home
page could do with less boxes [ inside boxes ] and use
more tone to order | prioritise | group things.

Lines, edges and contrast engage our visual system
in a more immediate sense and can be fatiguing as
the eye moves through the page. Just needs more
thought re: end user experience, and how to organise
what's useful ahead of what's merely secondary detail.
Adding faceted navigation [ cateogries, tags ] might
help retain interest well.

Anyway, this isn't intended to be brick bats or a
"Raidho -esque" response but rather calling attention
to design principles as a web developer, and artist
interested in neurological aspects of human vision.
I'm sure you already have a gut feeling for this and
have something great in the works.


"Vision and art: the biology of seeing"
Margaret Livingstone ISBN 978-0810904064

"Design: Where and What Vision Systems"


-- Chuan
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