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can you change the home enviroment on oculus quest if so how

tony.smugstony.smugs Posts: 1
can u change the home environment 


  • grayhazegrayhaze Posts: 20
    Brain Burst
    Not currently, but I expect you will eventually. It's still early days for the Quest home experience, and I imagine features similar to the Rift's home will be coming down the line, albeit in a cut down version within the limitations of the hardware.
  • EdigsEdigs Posts: 6
    Brain Burst
    It would be great if we'd be able to choose between more "wallpapers" for the world outside of Home room. Having snowy mountains for example, or summer sea. Hopefully we'll see something like that eventually.
  • RaiwonRaiwon Posts: 18

    Can't even disable ambient sounds during videos and dim the lights, anyone know when those options will come ?

    Its baffling its not there day 1.

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