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Best DLNA player for Oculus Go?

jsbienjsbien Posts: 16
I've purchased Oculus Go yesterday and I'm slightly disappointed as I expect to to use for DVB-T broadcasts and recordings which are provided by the DLNA servers of the HDHomerun network tuner and MythTV software (on Linux). To make a long story short, all my attempts (in particular using Pigasus Lite, DeoVR, SkyBox, Occulus Galery) failed in some way. Up to now my experiments were rather chaotic, I intend to approach the problem in a more systematic way. I would appreciate a list of DLNA players worth trying or some ideas how to circumvent my problems.
Best regards -Janusz


  • jsbienjsbien Posts: 16
    Looks like I need a player which natively supports the TS format. Is there any?
    In the meantime I have to transcode :-(
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