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Rift S not working after disconnecting Headset cable

XJoker94XJoker94 Posts: 2

My Rift S has been working fine until today when I decided to take out the main headset cable. When I plugged it back in, the Oculus software would no longer recognise the DisplayPort and USB had a red X. 

So uninstalled the software and all files/folders and drivers from my computer, reinstalled the software but now it does not even recognise the headset when its plugged in. It just has the loading sign above the DisplayPort and USB text. I have tried using different ports, disconnected any other USB connections (external HDD) and disabled my anti-virus. Still nothing. 

Anyone else experienced this issue before?


  • orkt.ozdemirciorkt.ozdemirci Posts: 6
    How do you disconnect the cable? It's too firm.
  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    Check that the connector is not damaged and is properly seated.
  • XJoker94XJoker94 Posts: 2
    So the connector was not properly seated on the headset, had to push it in a little for it to click. Thanks. 
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