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OG Touch Controllers.

Swifty0neSwifty0ne Posts: 39
Brain Burst
I just want to mention that the OG Oculus Touch Controllers are simply  the most comfortable natural felling game controllers of all time. The Outside In tracking is SPOT on with 3 sensors.  I mean I am an old F**ker so I have been playing games on Consuls since the Atari 2400. I have used just about every controller for every consul since 1978. The Oculus Touch Controllers just sit in your hands almost like your hands were designed for them. The Sensor Ring underneath the Thumb naturally holds on to the controller and feels more like a natural extension of your hand.  It was simply Utopia as far as game controllers go.  I know they are now a thing of the past but I'm just tossing it out there.  Perfection was made and we threw it away.
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