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To anyone having sound issues through oculus rift headphones READ THIS!!

Error_666Error_666 Posts: 13
Right so basically i was having my left headphone cut out alot and i found out that the black screw on the inside of the head band was the cause and when i adjusted it the sound came back now. I have realised that the earphone its self has contact points which connect it to contact points on the headband which means that the screw can increase/decrease the ammount of contact the earphone holds to the other points on the headband. So if you are having sound issues adjust the screw clockwise until it tightens but don't overtighten or you may shear the screw but then your earphone should have the right ammount of contact with its points therefore hopefully fixing your problem. I hope this helps


  • ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 275
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    edited July 2019
    I had exactly the same issue with my CV1.  

    I used to have to tighten the screw every time i used the headset, but then I cut some tiny bits of tin-foil and put a few layers into each hole on the headband.   This raised the contact point just enough to make better contact, and never had to tighten the screw again!
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