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Grey Veil or low brightness on all apps and games

JinduraJindura Posts: 1
I recently bought a Rift S. Setting everything up was fairly easy. After that I jumped right into the action. However I noticed a big difference in brightness compared to my friends Rift I used 2 weeks earlier for the first time. It looks like there is a grey veil over the my vision and edges of objects or writing looks blurry at times. I already contacted Oculus Support and tried a few things like reinstalling the Oculus App in safe mode and deleting all Oculus related files from my computer. This sadly didn't help.
I was playing with a friend Onward on a day map and asked him. Isn't dark for you aswell? Like Dawn? And he just said "Nope it's bright daylight".
Anyone got any idea? Is it the difference between the Rift S and Rift's LCD to OLED panel? Or did I just receive a faulty Rift S?

Would be nice to get some ideas from you guys while I wait for the support to get back to me. Otherwise I will have to return the Rift S....I do love all the games and stuff so I really wanna fix this



  • adam.poole.313adam.poole.313 Posts: 14
    The rift S does not have very true blacks at all. It looks much more like grey and looks very washed out and lacking in contrast but only when looking at things that are dark or black. If it looks dark even when its supposed to be daylight in your game then that does sound like something is wrong with the headset.

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