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Oculus Rift thumbstick scrolling constantly effecting my desktop

SaegSaeg Posts: 2
edited July 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
One night I was messing around with the virtual desktop and accidentally did a bug where the virtual desktop just disappears after using the grip button on it and scrolling multiple thumbsticks (I don't really know exactly how to recreate it). After that happened I was not able to bring back the desktop even after pressing the virtual desktop button. I went to bed and it unknowingly caused another bug where the thumbstick scrolling is constantly happening on my desktop even if the headset was not plugged in. So, where ever my cursor is, it's constantly scrolling me down to the right slightly. This effects pages, volume bars, drop-down menus, and I can't even use Premiere Pro.
Here is a video as an example of what it's doing
I have tried these things
Restarting PC over a couple days
Uninstalling Oculus software
Using task manager to close every Oculus process
Unplugging every peripheral device


  • SaegSaeg Posts: 2
    Found the solution, unplug the PC entirely from power.
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