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Launch Unreal Project in Oculus Quest and Disconnect the Cable

devingraydevingray Posts: 1
After reading this:
(Firstly, I presume I should replace 'Go' with 'Quest'), but focusing on the sentence, "This will ensure that the latest content resides on your Oculus Go." I would like to know if that means you can then disconnect the cable and enjoy the experience un-tethered, specifically with the Oculus Quest...?

I'm yet to purchase the Quest because I'm trying to learn whether or not I can have a client wear the Quest and walk through, for example a 3D model of the interior of a house, while I follow with the 'tablet/screen' of my Surface Book 2 laptop as it streams what that client sees, displaying it for myself and fellow spectators.
On that note, I have another question - Would that require the Quest and my laptop be on the same wifi network?

I have seen that some people have developed a method for casting the view of the Quest to a PC, so maybe my best bet is to export the Unreal Project file and physically transfer the file to the Quest to access it directly through the Quest and then cast that to my SB2 screen. Or should I buy the Rift S and a really long cable? Thanks in advance!
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