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quest headset with this strap from the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset

dc2889dc2889 Posts: 64
Hiro Protagonist
I'm modifying my quest headset with this strap from the HP Windows Mixed Reality Headset VR1000-100. Its similar to the psvr halo design so its perfect for the quest. this headset cost me 20 usd on eBay which is much better than the vive deluxe audio head strap price tag of 99.99 usd.  
This task is simple to do with a 3D printed attachment that slips into the quest's top head strap slot. The thing that really grinds my gears is that there are no proper quest disassembly guilds as a engineer and tinkerer I've decided to take a proper look at how the this beauty is put together. full disassembly to come.for this post we will focus on the audio straps. To remove the strap this can be done by lifting the Velcro and peeling up the small metal oval tape that is in the rail Channel.
under this you will find two screws that attach the strap to the side of the headset.Once this is done you will have a bare headset and the fabric can easily be remove from this point no cutting needed. pics to come plus full tutorialmocked it up printing 3D components now. Audio solution completed here it is the original rift cv1 headphones adapted to the halo strap
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