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Rift S causes Astro A50 driver to fail

Jbuckj99Jbuckj99 Posts: 1
I recently upgraded from the Rift to Rift S and now I am running into issues with using my Astro A50's while the Rift S is connected to my computer.  When the Rift S is connected to the computer, the Astro A50 drops from the playback options under the sound menu.  When I unplug the Rift S and unplug/replug in the Astro A50 base, the playback option for the Astro re-appears.

Anyone run into this issue or know a way to resolve?



  • MrBluePlaydohMrBluePlaydoh Posts: 36
    Brain Burst
    More and more problems are springing up I’m now seriously thinking about sending it back for a refund
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