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Why is Oculus using my drive when I haven't used vr for a while

salamander78salamander78 Posts: 1
I can not stop Oculus from using my drive and cpu for no reason... i would check it a couple times a day for the past 2 weeks and they are always using my hard drive... I have an old PC that can barely run vr so this is super concerning... why do they need to constantly access my hard hard drive? 


  • GamingTC2GamingTC2 Posts: 44
    Brain Burst
    Oculus VR runtime service runs always on your pc.  It always starts up when you start your pc.  Unless you shut it down in windows services app.  You can set it at manual.  Then it starts when you start oculus app.
  • nalex66nalex66 Posts: 5,523 Volunteer Moderator
    It’s probably downloading game updates in the background. I believe you can go into settings and tell it not to do that. 
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  • ElusiveMarlinElusiveMarlin Posts: 295
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    Along with what @nalex66 said, it will most likely be writing the the Oculus service log files.

    Even though my headset is sat perfectly still on my desk and the touch controllers are also put down, the log files are still being constantly written to.

    The service keeps polling for updates from the device.  the only way to stop it is to kill the oculus service.
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