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Right controller Low Battery Error ( IGNORE ) just found & read Kojaks post about this

popy05popy05 Posts: 6
edited July 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
Ok for some reason i have x 2 right controllers showing as paired in DEVICES.It causes CRITICAL ERROR LOW BATTERY notice to pop up but when i go to DEVICES and try to remove the one that should not be there nothing happens & it stays there . Please refer to pics .Is this a bug within Oculus & how do i fix this problem ?


  • InkedUpZombieInkedUpZombie Posts: 1
    this is happening to mine too? i can't play anything apart from vrc without the screen going black then a new right controller showing up and saying its low battery. i have a list of them... did you manage to get the issue fixed?
  • M0rPheuS68FRM0rPheuS68FR Posts: 5
    i have a same problem, impossible to delete device.
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