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Rift S - Display Port not connecting during setup to 1080ti

Nathanael_Nathanael_ Posts: 11
Brain Burst

Apologies as if re-posted this in the Oculus Rift S board. 

Been trying for days to get my new rift S up and running, but wont connect to display port.

During setup, I put in USB and get green check mark, then when I plug in Display port, I get a green check-mark for about 2-4 seconds, then it goes back to spinning circle. The light on the oculus turns white, and it receives audio fine. Also worth pointing out I did the oculus system test and everything was green lit.

I found some people are having similar problems, but issue has still not been resolved. I am posting because I want to see if others are still suffering, or if they have figured a way to make it work.

My setup:Intel i7-8700 @ 3.20GHz / GTX 1080ti / 16 MB Ram / AORUS B360 Gaming 3 WIFI motherboard

Things I have tried:

- *Yes I am in contact with oculus support, sent ticket, logs and am going back and forth trying different things*

- Updated windows, BIOs, drivers

- Tried different display ports and USB ports (I even bought a new pci USB 3.0 in case it was the USBs on my MB)

- Uninstalling Oculus and my all my Nvidia drivers using DDU (Display Driver Uninstaller) then re-installing both

- Resetting Oculus app

- Repairing Oculus app

- Trying latest beta version of app

- Updated USB ports, etc in Device Manager

- Checked the status of the USB connections in Device Manger

- Uninstalling the RIFT connection in Device Manger (then re-installing)

- Plugged USB in first, then waited 30 seconds to plug in Display Port

- Made sure my only dedicated display output was set to my GPU in bios

- Turned off my motherboard display output

- Unplugged and re-seated the cable attached to the actual headset

- Made sure my “Allow apps to access your camera” setting to “On.”

- USB ports are not ASMedia or VIA.

- Have latest firmware updates for Display Ports


  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    I you are able to test your rift on some another computer, would rule out the problems with hmd/cable. Anyways as you probably found out already there has been some really mysterious problems with gigabyte motherboards... dunno really what else to say. You might find some pointers from logs.
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