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Beat Saber Recording in Quest vs Rift with Laptop/Full Body Tracking?

Squid_InkSquid_Ink Posts: 2
Soo, this’ll be a lot and weirdly specific, but I’m looking to buy a quest, and I want to see if I can a record myself from a third person view, in Beat Saber, with an avatar.
That’s the main part, but I also want to see about full body tracking as well, even if it’s post-play through. I’ve seen forums about using a kinetic for the Rift S, but I’m looking to try and go with the Quest since I travel a lot and got a gaming laptop instead of a PC (unless that’ll work with a Rift, and not be too difficult to pack up on occasion).
I know little to nothing about Oculus or much about the VR market yet, so I’m sorry if this is a no-brainer type of question haha. I’m probably asking too much from the Quest, but if anyone can help me out that’ll be great.

TL;DR Got a laptop, travel a lot, can I record with an avatar in beat saber and possibly do full body tracking with a Quest, or is easier to just deal with traveling with a Rift S?


  • gaigerboigaigerboi Posts: 1
    I wanna do that so I can send it to my. Friends

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