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How to watch 3D movies with two PCs and two Rifts in **local** network?

Hi guys,
I bought the Rift S recently and have hooked up my old Rift to another PC. Now I wanna watch 3D movies with other people in the same network. My problem: using Bigscreen etc. routes the traffic (= image) over the internet so the other person only gets bad blocky compressed quality.
Is there any app like Bigscreen that uses the local area network to transmit the data so the other person actually gets the full quality?


  • Nekto2Nekto2 Posts: 284
    Nexus 6
    Try to contact Bigscreen. Are you using more powerful PC to be video source? Could you connect your PCs without WiFi? At least one of them. You could try to use 2 independent video players and start video at the same time on both PCs. :)
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