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Oculus Cutting Out

NNNitroNNNitro Posts: 2
Guys Please Help I've Had This Problem Ill Tell The Story So I Had Not Messed With My Oculus For 2 Weeks And I Got On One Day And It Was All Flickery It Would Show Static, Cut To Black, And Have Like A Rainbow Bar At The Bottom Its Really Weird So I Looked At All The Sensors On The Rift And The One In The Headset (Not On The Outside) Was Blinking I Checked With My Camera And Ive Talked To Support So Any Ideas?


  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    Cable connector is loose on hmd's end ?
  • NNNitroNNNitro Posts: 2
    sraura said:
    Cable connector is loose on hmd's end ?
    No Its No Right Now Display Isn't Even Showing
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