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Sensors not properly working and extreme lag & stuttering

AnthraXPoisonnAnthraXPoisonn Posts: 1
edited July 19 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
I have been using the Rift for half a year now and a few weeks ago I started having a glitch where the hands and head in VR don't move, only rotate, as if the sensors were disabled. The screen also goes very glitchy with 1 FPS. I have tried everything I have found so far, which is:

1: Installing Windows Updates.
2: Reinstalling the sensor drivers.
3: Switching ports of USB Splitter (With USB 2.0 Ports I think) and my Rift.
4: Closing all unnecessary programs in the background.
5: Installing an old driver. (388.31 NVIDIA)
6: Connecting one sensor to USB 3.0.

Sometimes when I restart my PC the bug does not happen for up to 3 hours. I use an Alienware 17 R4 Laptop. I see other people have had the problem, but they got it fixed or never got any replies. This even happens in the Oculus Home. This is starting to really annoy me and is making the Rift completely useless. This bug happens every 1-2 minutes and lasts 1-5 minutes. Somebody please help fix this, so far nothing has been able to fix this. Nothing.
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