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Is there a way to see public changelog for Oculus Apps & Games?

MindTracerMindTracer Posts: 2
Like many of you, I'm much accustomed to viewing changelogs before applying software updates. Looking at various 'Apps & Games' on the Oculus store, I can't see a public changelog for each, nor a current version # to do independent research.

A major reason I ask, is some complain in reviews about issues for games that they hope will get resolved. Months have passed since some of these reviews were published, and I'd love to know if those issues were indeed fixed in the intervening time.

Official 'Apps & Games' may get automatic updates, but that doesn't satisfy those browsing the store and seeing old issues mentioned (since patched) deter them from purchase. Additionally, it would help the reviewer community produce news about specific app updates to generate more buzz (ultimately increasing store sales).

Hope that makes sense!
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