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Do I need to turn off my oculus touch controllers?

My oculus quest came with the 2 touch controllers, like any other oculus. Within a month, their batteries ran out. I used the batteries that came with the controllers and the headset. Is this normal? Do I need to turn off the controllers? I use them for about 30-45 minutes around 5 days a week.


  • RichooalRichooal Posts: 1,885 Valuable Player
    These things chew through batteries even when not in use. There is no way to turn them off.
    I slip a piece of plastic between the battery and terminal when I'm not using them.

    It wouldn't be too hard to include an on/off switch would it?

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  • SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
    Exactly! I'm gonna go get some rechargeable batteries.
  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 979
    I’ve only replaced batteries a few times in both controllers and had my Quest since launch and been using it almost everyday day, apart from when I recently went on vacation for a week. Even after using it once back from vacation the battery charge level hadn’t really changed at all. I use Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable now, but didn’t experience rapid battery drain when using alkalines either. 
  • SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
    I just got the Eneloop batteries.
  • jaytseajaytsea Posts: 1
    When I am done playing the Quest, I just take the batteries and reverse them. Turn them back around to the working position when I wish to play again. Sure saves my batteries. 
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