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Mini DP to Display-port not working on Rift S

I'm trying to get this Rift S to work with a Alienware X51 R3 with a PNY GTX 970 Card (Ports are DVI, 2 Mini-DPs, and 1 HDMI) Even with the adapter the software only sees the displayport connection for a bit then tells me to reconnect the Display port Connection.

If this help, here are the steps I have already taken to try and solve the issue.

  • Updating the Graphic Card BIOS (This was recommended to update the Displayport Compatbility to 1.3 & 1.4, Dunno what the Rift S requires... Probably 1.2. Still...)
  • Updating Windows and Fully reinstalling the OS and updating again (No Luck)
  • Updating through Nvidia GEForce Experience (Graphic Drivers)
  • Following the Rift's Site instructions to get the adapter working in Windows 10
  • Enabling Camera in Windows Privacy Settings (I honeslty have no Idea why this had to be done, maybe for the cameras on the headset?)
  • Using other 3rd party adapters. (While the headset itself works, I have another laptop that uses ThunderBolt 3 and it works with a USB-C to DP adapter that I bought from Amazon...) (And to answer another question, Yes I bought another adapter just like the one that came in the box, Same result. Sees the connection then drops it after a second)
I'm hoping that someone from the community can help out a new guy in VR!
Any and all help is appreciated!


  • Techy111Techy111 Posts: 6,736 Volunteer Moderator
    Is that 970 inside the r3? I thought they came with a 960 ? Have you tried to disable the intel onboard graphics or set the 970 to primary?
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  • ShadowMike101ShadowMike101 Posts: 3
    I have, the intel card is silent. But there is definitley a gtx 970 in there.
  • ShadowMike101ShadowMike101 Posts: 3

  • Mike131005Mike131005 Posts: 1
    I have the same Problem!
    Have you found the issue!

  • tekka1987tekka1987 Posts: 1
    I was using the Rift S on my main PC with a 1080Ti and standard DP and never had any issues, however I am having the exact same problem with my PC that has a PNY GTX970. I'm assuming there isn't a fix because I've been searching furiously for troubleshooting tips and  haven't gotten very far
  • raju.saini1732raju.saini1732 Posts: 4
    I just bought my Rift S this Week and i am having the same issue. Has anyone found any solution to this.
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,816 Volunteer Moderator
    Have you read this thread?

    A couple of people have reported solving the problem, one by reinstalling the OS (which you've tried) and one by clearing out all traces of the Oculus installation and then re-installing the Oculus software and one person reporting success by repeating the update process getting one step further each time.

    You mention using Geforce Experience. I've had problems with that element of the Nvidia software in the past causing issues with VR and now always do a driver only installation, with the clean-install option ticked and Geforce Experience un-ticked each time I update my GPU drivers. It may not have any effect but worth trying.
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