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Medium using Rift S Right Eye Geometry flickr :(

PopovQcPopovQc Posts: 5
Hi I've been using the Oculus Medium since the beginning on the CV1, but now that I have upgraded to the Rift S I have a weird bug that is showing on only on the right eye.  Its flickring like crazy on the geometry like the polygons are going everywhere. 
Does anyone else has this problem and is there a fix?  

I got sure before reporting that I had the latest update for my video card. :smile:
Here are my specs : i7-4820K CPU @ 3.70GHz (8 cpu), Motherboard : ASUS Sabertooth X79, 16GigRam, DX11, Win10, NVidiaGeForce GTXTitanBlack4095 MB & Oculus Rift S




  • PopovQcPopovQc Posts: 5
    edited July 2019
    anyone ?

    Is there any develloper of Medium that sometimes gives feedback on this forum or is there a ticket bug report I could make somewhere with Oculus Medium directly so we could investigate this ? 

    And btw, this problem is only appearing in Medium... any other soft or games I dont have this issue. 

  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    @PopovQc: Just to confirm - Is this only occurring with Medium, and not with other apps? If so, possible you can use OculusMirror.exe in C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-diagnostics to capture and send through info?
  • PopovQcPopovQc Posts: 5
    Yes I confirm, its only with Medium. 
    here's a demo video that I recorded just to show off what is the problem.

  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Ack! Looks crazy. I'll consult with my graphics engineer - may need more info from you, please hold tight!
  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hey @PopovQc, can you answer these questions:

    - Do you see these same glitches in your Rift? It would be really helpful to nail down if this is a hardware issue
    - Can you ensure your graphics drivers are up to date? 

  • PopovQcPopovQc Posts: 5
    Hi @Jessicazera,

    << Do you see these same glitches in your Rift? >> What do you mean exacly... The problem that I have is seen through the Rift S ... dont have my Rift CV1 anymore, but at work (ubisoft) I use Medium practically everyday and I dont have this problem at all.  On the Rift S its only on the Right Eye that I see this glitch flickr effect... Working with this more than 5 min make me loose points in sanity :D  ...and I dont have much to start with.

    <<Can you ensure your graphics drivers are up to date? >> they are  :(

    Would like to test this on another Rift S but I dont have access to this model other from my home.

    If anyone could test and testify here it would help to know if I<m the only one having this problem.

    But regarding the hardware of the Rift S, since day 1 that I used it, it is behaving not has stable has the Rift cv1.
    Many times I have full screen noise on both eyes and , or not opening at all.
    Since the last couple of firmware update I have less problem than initially, but some like the noise is appearing from time to time.  But all this would be for another subject... not related to medium. I might open another support ticket just for those. 

  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    Hi @PopovQc,

    In order to see if this is a Rift or Rift S problem, I need to know if you see this graphical corruption with your graphics card AND a Rift. 

    If you have a Rift at work, can you you zip up your sculpt file from home, upload it to dropbox, and access your dropbox from work to test? 

    We don't have Titan Blacks in the office right now so getting the data from you would be the best course of action right now. 

  • PopovQcPopovQc Posts: 5
    edited July 2019
    Hi Jessica,
    Sorry but I dont agree here with this troubleshooting logic.  To be sure again tonight after another firmware update I checked and tested again Medium, Quill and Gravity Sketch. 
    And I confirm that only Medium again with the right eye still is flickring but I noticed some perticular behavior...

    I tried reloading my work model and create new... on both test I still have the bug.

    Loading my model at work will work no problem since anyways this is what I do each day from my model here back and fort from home and work. Does not seam to be an hardware problem but a software bug.    

    But like I was saying its only with the Rift S that I have this problem with Medium.   
    All other software like Quill or Gravity Sketch are working perfectly without any bugs related to this right eye glitch. 

    Its not related to the scene but to the Rift S or the software Medium for sure.
    Maybe related with my video card, but since my video card is different at work this mean I can't really say where's the problem, and I dont have a Rift S at work.  

    You might think the same after seing the new video I just did for you to check...

    Notice in the video, when I open a tool setting window. When the window open I can see the flikring stop right away.  the moment the window close it start again.  For that moment bith eye were ok. :smile:  This, only on Rift S.

    This is how it happen. Each time I start a new model or I load a model this happen on the Rift S.   
    At work with the CV1, it's just perfect... no problem. 
    Both have the latest video driver and the latest firmware.

    I was able to get rid of the flikring only when the scene get to a higher level of polygons. but since the triangle are hiding when you turn your head away from the model, revealing only a few triangle in the visual, the problem comes back. 


    And I have noticed that this bug is per layer.   For example my flying hovecraft with 2 layers has One with the main model and the second only small illuminated parts.  Notice that the illuminated layer, that has some small elements, with less triangles is flikcring, but the first layer does not.  s and does not flikr but the second layer witch have the emiting material since it has not much triangles is flickring. See video.

    Flying hovecraft 

    This model, seen at work on a cv1 is displayed perfect as it should. 
    Note that It was perfect at home on my same system, pc at the time I got the cv1.

    So at this point, after those tests, I dont see other than its a software bug related to geometry. 

    This last test is a new scene ... notice that when the scene is getting more and more triangles that the problem disapear... but the moment I look when in the display I see less triangles the problem comes back.

    really a weird problem ...  :(

  • jessicazetajessicazeta Posts: 244 Oculus Staff
    @PopovQc, thanks for all this info! The music in your hovercraft video created a very serious atmosphere for this bug report.

    The graphical corruption is most likely happening due to something in Medium interacting weirdly with your Titan Black graphic drivers. It could so happen that behavior between a Rift or Rift S on the same graphics card would be different, but sounds like you're unable to check.this. No matter, we'll bug and move forward. Thanks! @nosferalatu

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