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Oculus go rooms (new games needed)

DadeverydayDadeveryday Posts: 1
So by far the most convenient place for my family to meet up and play games is in Oculus rooms, the problem is, there's really not many choices of games to play. Does anyone know when they will make Oculus rooms a better environment and with the addition of games at the table like poker or other Hasbro games like Chutes and Ladders or battleship?
Part two of this discussion is will we see an addition for more customizable room or interactive features? 


  • przecinekprzecinek Posts: 596
    Nexus 6
    Unfortunately winds seems to be blowing in the opposite direction.

    Instead of getting new games for Rooms, Oculus made decision to close Rooms entirely starting from 25th Oct :(
  • StayPuft83StayPuft83 Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    Yeah. I saw that announced. I am really disappointed to hear that. Funny thing is, I didn't really even ever use Rooms to meet up with people. There were just a few games I really enjoyed playing against the computer. Like the Monopoly Deal game. I used to actually be in rooms almost every day just to play that or the game where you find words from the jumble of letters (I forget the name of that one). I know the point was to be social, but I only know two people who also have VR and both are people who use it very rarely. I just enjoyed the games you could play solo.
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