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Installing Oculus Setup Using Run For Different Drive - Nothing Happens?

Fidel-CashfloFidel-Cashflo Posts: 2
I've been reading on the forums that to install the Oculus App on a drive other than [C:], I have to use the Run program or the CMD.

In doing so, I've typed the following pathway in:
C:\Users\[username]\Downloads\OculusSetup /drive:D
as per instructions, where username is the user name directory on my device. For the record, I've used both the CMD and the "Windows + R" run application.

The pathway seems correct as I am prompted with the pop up that asks "Do you want to allow this app to make changes do your device?" along with the Oculus App logo and the Verified Publisher of Oculus VR, LLC.

However, upon clicking yes.... nothing happens?

Kind of stuck. I'm not really sure what to do here. I mean moving the executable to the [D :] drive would just make the setup launch from the [D :] drive and would still install the app on my C: drive.

The reason here is my C: Drive is solid state and already > 80% full. It simply won't fit, and I can't make it fit unless I delete core functionality programs or restructure it so hundreds of small folders of 200mb or smaller are moved to my [D :] drive (some of which have executables as well, so that would be a huge pain in the ass).

Any insight would be really appreciated.


  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    Have you tried running the command promt as admin
  • Fidel-CashfloFidel-Cashflo Posts: 2
    sraura said:
    Have you tried running the command promt as admin
    Yes, both "CMD" and "Run" have been executed with admin privileges. No result.
  • OculusSupportOculusSupport Posts: 765 Oculus Staff
    Hey @Fidel-Cashflo, I'm sorry to hear you're having issues installing on another drive. Have you tried using /drive=D instead of /drive:D? For some people, this works better. If you're able to provide your OculusSetup log, it might give us a better idea what the issue may be. Instructions on collecting the setup log are available here Please contact support at so we can help you out with this. Thanks! -Rick
  • wisllaywisllay Posts: 1
    Using /drive=D worked for me.
    Couldn't the developers make it easier to choose a installation drive by adding it to the UI? There are people like me who keep C partition just big enough to install Windows and don't want to install anything close to 20GB on that partition.
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