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Oculus Quest Gallery + Google Photos

lznlzn Posts: 1
I wish I could view my 360 videos that I have uploaded to Google photos in the Oculus Gallery app. It should work, but it does not.

The Oculus Quest Gallery app allows you to link to Google Photos. This works fine, both pics and videos stream - except for 360 videos. For the 360 videos I get the message “Cannot be displayed”. There seems to be some kind of bug in the Gallery app, probably that the API connection fail to recognize 360 content. I can view 360 movies just fine in Google Photos, so there is nothing wrong with the clips. And in the Oculus browser via Google Photos home page - except for that the 360 videos are projected as 180 degree half domes. So, not useable at all. 

Since I let Google Photos simply upload all 360 videos I make, viewing them in the Quest Gallery would be the perfect solution! 

Has anyone else succeeded in viewing their own 360 videos uploaded to Google Photos through the Quest Gallery app? 

I have given up on getting help from Oculus support. The feedback I get from them is “Reset your device” or “The gallery app does not support Google Photos”, despite that it obviously does. I read that other people had problems with them, but it is always disappointing to get the first hand experience on how little they bother to resolve bugs, or actually read through the descriptions of the problems. 

So; if more people can highlight the issue, maybe it will rise to the attention of the Quest Gallery app developers and so they can fix the bug. Power of the masses! It would be such a killer function!



  • GRNYGRNY Posts: 1
    I faced this issue too. my 360 videos are in google photo as same as you. and I disappointed now. I believe there are many ppl who use google photo for home 360 videos. so this is required on behalf of Oculus users.
  • clumpyclumpy Posts: 1
    The fact that oculus is positioning themselves as a leader in the VR world, yet still can't handle basic 3D file formats in their gallery app is ridiculous.  
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