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Spare for broken strap holder/bracket for GearVR SM-R325

chaostarchaostar Posts: 2
I just accidentally broke the left strap holder of my GearVR model SM-R325 and I can't find any sort of spare part to purchase it.
Without it, the entire VR experience is lost or mortally degraded.
I did found the spare bracket but for the SM-R322 here:,a,825156.html/
but it doesn't look like the exact copy of the part in my SM-R325, the shape is a little different and I don't know if it will fit and work.
I did found other places selling spare parts for GearVR but this specific part I only see for SM-R322. I found some parts for SM-R323 and SM-R325 but not this bracket. This is very strange. Are there no spare supplies for this part? Is it doomed?
This is another website:
Can someone help me?
Where can I get a spare bracket for my GearVR? Should I just dump it?

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