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Weak haptics

terrebterreb Posts: 5
I own PSVR and Oculus Quest. My Oculus Touch controllers maximum haptic feedback is about 30% of PSVR move controllers vibration force. Someone recommended to remove batteries from the controllers and insert new ones back in one minute. I tried that but to no avail. The vibration is still super weak. Anything else I can do to fix this?


  • MickyDXIIIMickyDXIII Posts: 3
    It may just be how it is. The vibrations in my original Oculus Rift controllers are much more powerful than the ones with my Quest. I think it was just a cost-saving measure that was required to keep the Quest price low.
  • VRBabe14VRBabe14 Posts: 188
    I think its to save on battery power because I've noticed that my batteries drain quicker when the haptic vibration motor is used.
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  • WolfoxWolfox Posts: 62
    Hiro Protagonist
    I would like to switch the vibrations OFF
  • terrebterreb Posts: 5
    Well, if it's for saving on battery it would be better to give the users an option to set vibration force in settings to their liking saying "the stronger vibration you set the faster you battery will drain". That's it. For me weak vibration ruins immersion in shooters. I'm using rechargeable batteries and would not mind if they drain quicker but in turn I can set stronger haptic feedback. I played a few shooter games on Quest then switched to PSVR Arizona Sunshine right away to compare and OMG vibration while shooting a gun there is so much more natural...   
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    As far as I've heard, even the original Touch had weaker haptics than the Vive wands and PSVR move controllers. That's why the batteries on the Touch v1 last 30 hours, and the Vive wands last 6 hours.
  • zippyblipzippyblip Posts: 1
    This is the only thing that disappoints on the quest for me... really miss the haptics in best saber PSVR. Will request option to adjust... 
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