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"We couldn't load friends and parties. Please try again" error - not much hair left !!!!!!

UmbustadoUmbustado Posts: 1

This has been happening for a few days now.  When playing drop dead duel strike and I open a multiplayer room and invite a friend to play it goes back to the home area and a black screen shows the 3 white dots for a little while, then I get "We couldn't load friends and parties. Please try again" - no matter how many times I click retry it's always the same.  If I list friends from the home screen it works, If I use the ios app it works - it's just if I initiate from inside the game !!!  I've tried a factory reset of the headset, set my wifi to 5ghz only, deleted any friends with non-alphanumeric characters in their names - and I only have 12 friends registered at the mo.  I've run out of things to try !!!

Any suggestions would be great


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