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The golf club vr steam

oculus updated on Thursday and now the golf club vr cleub tracking has been destroyed , keeps missing the ball. 
Tried everything , drivers ,tracking , reinstall the game , reinstall steam vr . 

‘’I need help please , I only bought the pc and vr for this game and it’s part of a long term plan . This cAnt be happening . 
‘The game is no longer supported either . 


  • geoff.killickgeoff.killick Posts: 35
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    I play The Golf Club VR daily, With my old CV1 and three sensors I could swing hard at the ball and rarely miss, With the Rift S  I have to slow everything down and try to get a good steady rhythm before I can consistently hit the ball. Also I have to make sure I do the room setup In Steam so the floor In games calculates properly. If I try to hit the ball too hard I'll notice the club has missed the ball by what looks like 10 inches or so, Also make sure you try all the different club lengths and the club off set. As long as I go steady I can still play the game and my scoring Is the same as It was for my CV1. If I could putt better I'd be In the low 70's. 
  • velizal2242velizal2242 Posts: 6
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    golf club vr not loading on oculus rift , help !
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