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What Will You Do When You Win The Lottery?

snowdogsnowdog Posts: 6,891 Valuable Player
Okay, let's assume that you've won £100m on the Euromillions or US Lottery. What will you do with the cash?

I'd do the following:

1) Find a horse the next day that's 100/1 and stick my £100m on the nose to win

2) With my £10bn I'll do the following:

  • Buy a load of property (a house in the country, a house by the seaside, a house in London and a house in Ireland)
  • Buy 100 Bitcoins
  • Buy a horsie and name him Giggsy
  • Buy a few racehorses
  • Invest around £1bn in VR developers (or maybe £1m if I don't decide to make that bet above), and pay someone to finish my game for me :D
  • Forget about my friends and family cos they're all bloody gold-diggers, same with all of you lot too :D
  • Give a fair bit to cancer research and diabetes research, £1bn each (or £1m if I don't make that bet)

Now some of you may think I've lost my marbles with number 1) above but think about it. You've won the lottery at odds of around 15,000,000/1. Your luck is running, so odds of 100/1 is NOTHING.

I should have a good amount left over (depending on how good or bad my racehorses are) and I'll just live on the interest and treat myself to something nice every now and then.
"This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever


  • Digikid1Digikid1 Posts: 1,978 Valuable Player
    I do not believe nor do I approve of gambling.

    That said....if someone was to give me a ticket I would of course hope it wins....so that I can put the money where it belongs....helping others.

    Yes I would probably buy myself a nice electric car.  Tesla Model 3 or a maxed out Chevy Bolt would be my choices.
    A SMALL off grid house in the country.....FAR away from neighbors.  Peace and quiet and a nice starry sky has been my dreams for decades.

    As for the rest. I would of course make sure that I am financially secure for the rest of my life.....I live frugal so it would not be much....it would go towards help out families that actually NEED the money.....maybe build a house for a few families or something like that.

    Money is not important to me.  I usually keep enough to pay my bills, my stores bills and employees, and that's it.

    Also BE AWARE that winning the lottery also makes you a VERY LARGE TARGET.  Be careful and if you do win....you would be wise to not get your pic taken, shut your mouth and move to a remote location.  Family and so called "friends" will come begging for handouts.
  • sraurasraura Posts: 584
    I would check what car my neighbor has and buy the same but newer model. Then I would make sure that he sees it every day. That is how we communicate with our neighbors here in Finland. Much easier than the American small talk.
  • RedRizlaRedRizla Posts: 6,399 Valuable Player
    edited July 27
    @snowdog -I'm afraid your working for a company that wants to know my likes. You have gone from favorite ice cream to this? :p

    We all hear money is the root of all evil but to me that's a load of bollocks. All it proves is you had the wrong friends around you in the first place if money causes problems and you stick to being who you are.

    If I won the amount of money your talking about, I would pay off all my family's mortgages and give them a certain amount of money to live comfortable. If they then came back for more I'd tell them to get lost.

    life really isn't about money though. I used to live on a council estate and some of those days were the best days of my life... Why is this you may ask yourself? Because those people on those estates were genuine people and would do anything to help you. The rich wouldn't give you the skin of their shit most of the time or even give you the time of day.

    Talking about shit. I can only hope you don't send me a turd in a box or the skin of your shit for this reply. :D

  • snowdogsnowdog Posts: 6,891 Valuable Player
    Oh, I also forgot to mention my plastic surgery. I'd start off by getting a bigger ker-nob, although given that I'll be fucking loaded NONE of the young ladies I encounter will laugh when I whip it out so I might not need it. :D

    I'm also getting a chin. I currently don't have much of one.

    And finally I reckon I'll get myself a decent pair of boobs. Just because.
    "This you have to understand. There's only one way to hurt a man who's lost everything. Give him back something broken."

    Thomas Covenant, Unbeliever
  • OmegaM4NOmegaM4N Posts: 491
    I would spent it all on buying the latest Nvida video card. B)
  • RosgilliesRosgillies Posts: 142
    I`d buy oculus, line up the staff and threaten to fire everybody unless they outed the guy or girl responsible for failing repeatably to inform us about updates and progress.
  • RuneSR2RuneSR2 Posts: 2,827 Valuable Player
    I don't want more money, I just want Stormland, Lone Echo 2 and Half-Life 3 VR!
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