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Sideloading with SideQuest [HELP]

SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
edited July 2019 in Oculus Quest 2 and Quest
So I got sidequest to add custom songs to beat saber. I got Beat On, and in the setup, it asks me to uninstall beat saber to prepare for modding. I would be fine with that, except for the fact that I bought the Imagine Dragons music pack for $10. will doing this make me lose my music pack?


  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    You can use SideQuest to back everything up first if you want, but my guess is it'll still be there after the mod, or at least show that it's been purchased, and ready to download and install again. It's not a mod's an actual download though Oculus.
  • JaimieVandenberghJaimieVandenbergh Posts: 255
    Nexus 6
    Any purchases are fine after the Beat On reinstall. You don't need to do that yourself, btw, Beat On sorts it out for you as part of the initialisation process.
  • SheerChair11SheerChair11 Posts: 9
    cool, thanks
  • paulascottpaulascott Posts: 1
    Do u install beaton in oculus quest  itself or to your computer 
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