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Tracking not working for both controllers at the same time on Oculus Quest build 7.0

jormajejormaje Posts: 11

Since the last update of Oculus Quest (to build 7.0) I can't move both controllers at the same time in my Unity builds:

  • It's only being tracked the "active" controller

  • I can switch active controller by pressing the trigger of the controller I want to set as active

  • This is only happening in builds of my projects in Unity, tracking of both controllers works great with Oculus Quest applications (Home, YoutubeVR, JobSim, etc.)

Video showing this behaviour
(Lightweight VR RP default scene. It's the same behaviour with VRTK example scene)

Someone else is having this problem? What could be the cause?


  • Blitz64Blitz64 Posts: 8
    Brain Burst
    I also have this problem.  I don't know the cause.
  • jormajejormaje Posts: 11


    (In Unity project)

    1. Oculus > Tools > Remove AndroidManifest.xml

    2. Oculus > Tools > Create store-compatible AndroidManifest.xml

    3. Reuild

  • chris.banwell.3chris.banwell.3 Posts: 10
    edited September 2019
    Not working for me, I've added an app id, also ensured the android manifest is in the plugins/android folder and included 
     <uses-feature android:name="android.hardware.vr.headtracking" android:required="true" android:version="1" />

    Anybody else have any ideas?

    Also not working with the AvatarGrab demo scene
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