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Greenman gaming Sale...... Some VR goodness.

bigmike20vtbigmike20vt Posts: 3,910 Valuable Player
posting here despite not all being about VR because there are some stupidly cheap VR games in there...(a tiny bit convoluted)

buy any gold game from GMG and you get a gold key as well as an intel games key...
The intel games key allows you to choose any 4 games from a list.... one of them is Archangel which is a VR game.

It is one of the best games bundle deals i have ever seen (£3.50 for Prey and then a whole boat load of good games )

If you are feeling a little more flush, then you can buy No Mans Sky which is getting a VR update in a month.......  the sensible money could have you buying Prey for £3.50, get 1 gold key and and intel key, and a 15% off any game code.
Then buy No Mans sky using the 15% off code to bring in at around £14  and get ANOTHER gold key and another intel bundle and another 15% off code. (I shared my 2nd intel key with mates to make sure i had people to multiplayer with on Archangel)

then I would suggest buying the prey DLC for a few quid and get a bronze key game.

then..... if you have fallout VR, why not consider buying fallout 4 GOTY and then you can add the FO4 DLC to your VR game which i believe now runs pretty well with only a small section you have to do in 2D because it does not work in VR.

Fiat Coupe, gone. 350Z gone. Dirty nappies, no sleep & practical transport incoming. Thank goodness for VR :)
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