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Rift S and steamvr broken now...

sedwitysedwity Posts: 1
So after the update on july 29th (i believe ) I can no longer get my rift s to work at all with steamvr. as soon as steam vr opens the oculus app crashes then trys to reopen itself forever. 

this is for both unity3d and any steamvr game.
this has completely made it impossible for me to work, and I'm highly upset at this as i just bought this headset a few weeks ago id hate to have to replace it already. 

some info.

I'm on windows 10.
unity 2019.1.7f1
steamvr 2.2.0
oculus 1.39
rift S system.

please if i can get any sort of temp fix so i can work until the patch for this is out that would be so helpful


  • TomCgcmfcTomCgcmfc Posts: 3,065 Valuable Player
    If steamvr was broken for all Rift S users there would be a stampede of complaints.  Since you are the only one of very few complaints it is probably something specific to your system imho.

    I would try to contact Oculus support and ask them to help, esp. if you cannot access Oculus Store apps.  They are usually very helpful.

    If you can access Oculus Store apps no problem then it may be a problem with SteamVR.  If you are in a beta try rolling back.  Otherwise, contact Steam support.  They are also usually very helpful.

    While it is impossible to say for sure, in your case, it might be a good idea to uninstall/reinstall Oculus.

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  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 6,363 Volunteer Moderator

    2.2.0 is the beta SteamVR isn't it? have you tried the non-beta?

    As @TomCgcmfc says, it's likely to be something specific to your system but you could also try the non-beta branch, just to check if that helps, currently v1.5.16

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