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Recommendations for the best VR games

I ordered an Oculus Quest, and it should be coming to me next week. I was wonder which games are the best ones to buy starting out. After seeing lurking around on some websites such as Techgara, IGN,... I am definitely leading toward Beat Saber, Vader (Star Wars game), and Super Hot and a guy on Apknite gave me a video about Journey of the Gods which I think it's so cooool! 
Please let me know if there is a game that is worth playing other than the ones I just mentioned. Thanks! I'm so excited I'm finally joining the VR club 😁


  • enigma01enigma01 Posts: 980
    Those suggestions are great starting points. I also recently purchased Racket NX and it’s awesome! If you think you’ll like games that get you moving (like Beat Sabre), Id recommend it. 

    Many people don’t seem to know this... but Oculus have a really good game and app refund policy that covers most content. You can request a refund through the app within 14 days and of you haven’t used to app for more than two hours. I’ve done this a few times if I’m not sure if I’ll like something. 

    Please see the below link for the policy:
  • SpuzzumSpuzzum Posts: 843
    Robo Recall: Unplugged, and Space Pirate Trainer are a must in my opinion. Sports Scramble is pretty fun as well. And for a lighthearted experience, perfect for showing first timers in VR...Job Simulator. As well as the upcoming Vacation Simulator.
  • StayPuft83StayPuft83 Posts: 49
    Brain Burst
    Some good suggestions already. I'll just add the I love Drop Dead: Dual Strike. It's a zombie shooter game that I found to be a ton of fun.
  • melle.nexiamelle.nexia Posts: 15
    Vader, Moss et superHot sont indispensables.
  • TripleburstTripleburst Posts: 2
    Get Gun Club VR. Played it on PSVR and it's great.
  • BOBSonONEBOBSonONE Posts: 2
    Before you get gunclub, look into sideloading.. pavlov alpha is probably the best thing available. Its an alpha but its in relatively good condition. And its free :smile:
  • JaimieVandenberghJaimieVandenbergh Posts: 255
    Nexus 6
    Beat Saber (my Quest is mostly a Beat Saber player!), Moss, Superhot. I'm looking forward to The Climb which is supposed to be cross-buy so free for me.
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