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Oculus Rift S DisplayPort Failure to connect

omani22omani22 Posts: 2
So I purchased HDMI to DisplayPort. Tried to connect it. It connects. After I press continue it disconnects. I reset everything and still no connection. I returned that, then purchased MULTIPLE (Around 12) USB-C -DisplayPort Cables. Does not recognize the adapter at all for any of them... I currently have PPA 3.1 USB- C To Displayport adapter, CableCreation USB-C to DisplayPort, Cable Matters USB-C to DisplayPort Adapter Thunderbolt 3 Port Compatible, and USB-C to 8K DisplayPort Adapter in Aluminum Housing. Please assist me. I've been searching for 2 weeks and ive been wanting to play this the day i got it. My laptop is a G7 Dell Gaming Laptop and is 99% Compatibly with running the Oculus Rift S. Only problem is finding something that connects the Displayport to HDMI/USB-C....


  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    Make sure that you have thunderbolt enabled from computer bios (usually under acpi settings)...
    Unfortunately some laptops may have also the usb-c port wired to internal graphics and if that is the case - it won't work either. Rift requires direct connection to discrete graphics card.
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