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Rift S Mic stops working during game play

DipsonnDipsonn Posts: 1
Hello! I recently purchased a Rift S and when I'm playing something, my mic will just stop working. This is very frustrating in games that require the user to have a mic. Also, the Oculus Software is saying a "USB driver update is recommended". I have tried updating all my USB drivers but they are already up-to-date. I have also tried all my USB ports on my PC. If someone knows how to fix my mic and my USB, please respond! 


  • PulserPulser Posts: 3
    The support yet again, have failed to remedy this issue. The only way i get my mic working is to unplug both cables from the pc and plug them back in. If by any chance you bought from Amazon, just send the unit back. If new unit has same problem, just send back. Amazon are very good and will get so fed up eventually, you'll get a refund and get to keep a unit. I'm on my 3rd headset and got a cheque fro £349 back into my account. Result ! (apart from a poor quality badly made Rift S that works 98% of the time
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