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3D movies (SBS) wrong ratio

Tyrell63Tyrell63 Posts: 10
just a short question. Why some of the 3D movies - mkv files -  (playing in the virtual cinema) when they are in H-SBS have the wrong ratio (not only here - also on my 3D Bluray Player. So eveyone is superslim :-)
Is there a way to change this?
In H-OU I have never this problem



  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,299 Volunteer Moderator
    Can you give some details about your mkv rips? What software you use to create the rips and what settings?

    I'm curious about resolution and pixel ratio as either can throw off the overall ratio. Three's also useful software for interrogating all the parameters of your mkv files. MediaInfo is one and avinaptic is another, both small and free programs.

    I'm not at my computer for a couple days so can't confirm all the settings I've used right now but can follow this up when I'm next at home.
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