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can i get a pc or laptop for vr for under £400

daboss3105daboss3105 Posts: 7
edited August 2019 in Oculus Rift S and Rift
I brought the oculus rift thinking my newly brought nivida geforce gtx 1050 included laptop  would make it work but it doesn't.Any chance I can get something else for under £400?

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  • sraurasraura Posts: 590
    edited August 2019
    Maybe from ebay, if you find a great deal. Try searching for "vr oculus computer" there, but don't buy unless you're absolutely sure that you get what you want. VR ready is not always same as Oculus ready.
    sidenote: if you have "rift s" instead of "rift", no chance.
  • CongratulationsCongratulations Posts: 124
    Wait for a sale you might be lucky, to get desktops cheaper or parts that are on sale. 
  • DaftnDirectDaftnDirect Posts: 5,818 Volunteer Moderator
    edited August 2019
    Your post got stuck in the spam queue @RiCHeeGee , it happens when urls are added by new posters. I've cleared it and I'll add you to the safe list if it happens again.
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  • daboss3105daboss3105 Posts: 7
    Thanks for all the help,
    thank you
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