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Microphone Not working oculus Rift S


Ive read through all the microphone Not working threads but nothing has worked.
I do have the 3.0 usb Update bug that came with the last windows update but other than that its been flawless.

Ive also got a ticket open but am Waiting 2 days potentially for a response or update or something.

So this is what Ive tried so far that I can remember (Theres probably a few others but It was such a late night)

-Checked Windows sound of which it can find my the microphone but theres no budge on the test on or off my head. Tested with other mics so it Is defo the rift mic
-Updated all drivers
-Tried moving to all 3.0 slots. also removing and replacing plus removing and replacing the display port
-Tried going into windows playback and recordings and configs etc still no budge on mic setup test or generally.
-Played with the rift device settings to and from others but no budge on the sound bar.
-played with steam and steamvrs settings still no budge
-uninstalled skype
-checked privacy settings with off and on with microphones and cameras.
-removed facia and reseated the 2 cables. the main display and 3.5mil jack
-Changed settings in games. such as inputs in pavlov.

I record and have other mics that work flawlessly. It seems to be a case that at the very core. windows isnt picking up the sound

I was up till 5am last night playing in the settings which totally burnt my day off as if spent another few hours today and makes me look at the rift as broken even though its technically playing games flawlessly and im having a great time doing so.
Just always that back of your head thought about the mic not working is breaking my immersion all the time as I cant stop thinking about it.

Please can someone just tell me im being stupid and missing something brutally obvious? :'(

Thanks for reading.
td:lr. Mic done did do a nowt
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