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Oculus Rift S and Dell XPS 15 7590

 I’m thinking about purchasing an Oculus Rift S as well as the Dell XPS 15 7590 laptop. The laptop has an NVidia GeForce 1650 in it, but no DisplayPort.  It does have Thunderbolt 3, however.  I was wondering has anyone successfully used the Oculus Rift S with this laptop.   I think compatibility is contingent on the Nvidia GPU being directly connected to a DisplayPort or possibly a Thunderbolt 3 connection versus the laptops CPU. 


    edited November 2019
    I have Oculus Rift S and Dell XPS 15 7590. I tried to connect my rift s with the laptop using USB-C (Thunderbolt compatible) to Display port of the Oculus Rift S. The Oculus software didn't recognize it.
  • rogerbartonrogerbarton Posts: 1
    edited February 22
    Did you try anything in the Nvidia Control panel, ie setting the oculus software to use the dedicated graphics?
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