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Sports scramble quest

AvengestAvengest Posts: 23
Brain Burst
I tried the demo of this game and it looks pretty good however in playing tennis I couldn't find how to move my guy side to side there were no options.  Before I purchase the full game can anyone confirm that you can actually move side to side in this?


  • Arm_KenArm_Ken Posts: 1
    Hello Avengest, 

    Movement in Sports Scramble (both the demo and the full game) is completely based on your position, so if you take three steps to the side in real life, your avatar will move with you! There is no thumbstick or button movement. We encourage you, if it's safe and you have the space, to setup a larger guardian boundry, this will allow you to move a bit more. If you have a smaller space and can't move much because of that, thats completely understandable, and no movement is probably necessary. We've tailored Tennis to take advantage of both options.

    I hope that helps, and I hope you enjoy Sports Scramble!
  • epandepand Posts: 1
    How can I stop scramble when I platy tennis, or any specific game? 
  • jackburton09jackburton09 Posts: 5
    epand said:
    How can I stop scramble when I platy tennis, or any specific game? 
    in the option before starting the game you have 3 green icons disable them ;)
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