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How do I scale objects along one axis?

wittlethingswittlethings Posts: 2
Hello hello,
I am new to Quill, and using it to test how it is for set building, I am a Maya, Houdini user.
I am scaling elements in two ways. One is by pressing the transform button on the layer itself, and using both hands lower trigger to scale it down, another way is by selecting them within the layer and using both hands lower trigger to scale. However, both ways messes up the rotational axis. (say if I built a set to keep a flat ground) Is there a way to ..

A. scale things along just one axis.
B. Global scaling while not messing with the rotation.

Thank you so much!


  • alpinefalconalpinefalcon Posts: 7

    Same question: how to scale on a single axis?

    For example, flatten the height of an object on the Y Axis. 

    Any way to do that? 


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