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Playing YouTube VR videos within Oculus browser

King-555King-555 Posts: 11
First of all, I have a Samsung Gear VR with an Samsung Galaxy S8+ phone, but I think it's not relevant for my question.

When I got my VR headset I could play YouTube VR videos (VR180 and 360°) within the Oculus browser app. Many updates were installed since that day and today (and for some time now) it's not possible anymore.

When I open a 4K VR180 video within the Oculus environment (and with the browser), the video is NOT 4K and/or VR, it's just 2D 720p.

Why? Am I doing something wrong or does YT block Oculus devices? I know that I can use the YT VR app, but I do not like it.
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