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Tracking Issue.

Does anyone else have an issue with their display moving in the forwards/backwards axis?, I can move my head in any other direction and everything is normal, but if I move forwards or backwards the home screen (or indeed any screen) moves forward/backward also. It's happening constantly now, a system reboot usually fixes it, but it's a pain having to reboot every time.

Twice today I lifted my headset briefly and both times it caused the forward/backward movement to start happening. Sometimes it will happen as soon as I first load Oculus Home after turning on my computer.

Restarting Oculus Home (Settings/Beta/Restart) or shutting down the OVR apps in task manager sometimes fixes it, sometimes doesn't.

I've done a few searches on Google, but can find many discussions on this particular problem.


  • solorajsoloraj Posts: 3
    I experince a similiar problem, plus the hand controllers also get stuck and don't track at all.
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